Birth Parent Information

Adoption Services of Oklahoma offers birth mothers welcomed alternatives to unplanned or unsure pregnancies.  Our staff is dedicated to helping you feel good about your decision, the loving choice of adoption.  We will ensure that you will be treated with the respect which you deserve.  Our highest priority is to assure the health of both you and your baby.  We sincerely want your experience to be a positive one with us!


Medical Care

All medical expenses acquired during your pregnancy will be covered.  Adoption Services of Oklahoma, Inc. will provide you with the latest in prenatal and obstetrical care. You and your baby will be monitored frequently with ultrasounds and other tests as required to assure proper growth and development of your pregnancy.



We can also provide resources for comfortable housing, planning for nutritious meals, expenses including legal fees, and transportation as needed for health visits, counseling sessions and periodic outings.  Additionally, we will compose a service plan which will address any other needs which you may have.  Our goal is to meet your needs and that of the pregnancy with the highest level of service possible.


Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I know that my baby is going to a secure and nurturing home?

Each adoptive couple is carefully screened by our Child Placement Supervisor and must consent to a complete home study.  The home study will require a criminal background check, proof of financial stability, personal references, child abuse clearances and they must be able to demonstrate to us that your baby will be raised in a loving environment.

Does the birth father have to be included in the adoption planning?

We will have our attorney make an attempt to locate the birth father.  If he is not able to be located, our attorney may be able to terminate his rights.  Your rights will be protected by our attorney.